Micro Market Fixtures

When investing in a Micro Market or Micro Market Fixtures, it’s important to ask yourself: “how long will this last?”, “How easy is it to modify?”, “If something breaks can it be repaired?”. We have addressed and developed solutions for every one of those issues and more. GTP’s revolutionary solutions add increased functionality and durability to an already incredible product. Check out our Custom Micro Markets, Custom Micro Market Fixtures and Vending Solutions. Contact us today to get started!

Micro Market Fixtures


All panels come with hardware already installed


Graphics That Pop RE-COVER Panels are rugged, pre-cut black, ABS plastic panels. This durable panel replaces the existing front and side panels on vending machines. RE-COVER Panels are affordable, yet durable products that quickly restore the appearance of older or damaged machines. Their appearance increase the value & profitability of your vending machines. Don’t spend all that money for a new machine when you can buy TUFFRONTS to make your machines look brand new! TUFFRONTS go well with our Custom Micro Markets.

TUFFRONTS Example, Micro Market Fixtures


Align and secure your vending machine with Graphics That Pop Alignment System. It uses a variety of brackets to align and secure your machines. This keeps your bank of equipment looking neat and organized without much effort. Space your machines evenly apart and space the fronts of your machines at equal distance from the wall without damaging them. Let’s protect your investments. We have multiple Alignment System options to choose from that will fit any of your machines. Contact us today to purchase your Alignment System solutions.

Alignment Systems Graphic