Pre-Cut Graphic Panels are a combination of custom graphics printed on vinyl and black styrene plastic backed with 3M 300LSE peel-back adhesive. These panels are pre-cut to replace your existing vending machine front panels and are protected with a matte over-laminate film. These durable panels are installed quickly and easily by your technician.

The idea of the Pre-Cut Graphic Panels came from our use of vinyl for custom graphics and our Re-Cover Black Panels. Combining the two products, we came up with these durable panels that are not only custom designed but also customized to the exact machine as well. These graphic panels are made to replace your existing vending machine front panels. However, similar to our Re-Cover Black Panels, they only work with machines that do not have curved panels.

Your custom graphics are printed to pressure sensitive vinyl (B) and protected with a matte over-laminate film (A). We then mount these graphics to our durable black styrene plastic (C) and cut them into panels that will later replace your existing vending machine front panels. Once all the parts have been created, we back them with 1” strips of 3M 300LSE 5mlpeel-back adhesive (D). This keeps your panels in place and secures them to your machine.

We also offer Pre-Cut Graphic Side Panels for your vending machines. Side panels are great because they offer so much area for uninterrupted graphics and are perfect for large images and logos. Cap off your bank of machines with side panels on both ends.

Side panels are cut to fit your specific machine exactly and come with door strips to cover the gap between the side and front panels. They are also backed with strips of 3M peel-back adhesive, securing them to your machines.