PLATINUM FINISHES: (available in 3M Vinyl Wraps or Pre-Cut Panels)

Do you have old vending machines sitting next to newer merchant machines? According to vending studies, this could be costing you valuable sales. These studies indicate that customers are inherently more trusting of machines that appear well maintained, thus more likely to spend. Having unsightly machines next to your brand new machines can negatively impact the sales from both machines. However, that doesn’t mean you need to go invest in new equipment to tackle this obstacle. GTP offers a great solution to this issue.
With our Platinum 3M vinyl, you can easily re-cover older machines so they match the new merchant machines.  A small investment in the appearance of your machines can make a big impact on your monthly sales.




We also offer great solutions for branding your merchant machines. You can now take your merchant machines to the next level with specially designed merchant pills. GTP can design stunning art work and graphics on these pill panels or we can simply place your company logo for clean, uniform branding. No matter your taste, there is truly no limits when it comes to crafting the image you envision. GTP has the very best solutions to some of the most common problems in the industry.  Call us today to discuss  your needs and discover how we can help.