Micro Market Checklist


Please fill out the form below. With this information, we can streamline our process by having much needed information ahead of time.

  1. Does your location have any height, width, or depth restrictions?
    What are your size restrictions?
  2. What is the overall width x height x depth of your coolers?(Include health lock when measuring width)
  3. Do you want us to replace the cooler inserts?
    If so I will need the width x height of those inserts.
    Are they backlit or glass marquees?
  4. Do you need any cooler shelves, dividers, or product pushers for your coolers?
    Which products and how many of each?
    Cooler shelves, dividers and product pushers
  5. Do you need any product pushers, candy dividers or product dividers for your snack shelves? (See below)
    Which products and what sizes?
    Snack shelf product pusher/paddles
    Candy dividers
    Product dividers
  6. Do you want the inside walls to have matching graphics? (They come standard black) $75.00 per wall
  7. Do you want the holes covered on kiosk or coffee sections? (If so, these will no longer be universal panels)
  8. Do you want lighting for your market? (See options below)
    If so, what type of lighting would you like?
    Back  vertical micro market lighting
    Horizontal micro market lighting
  9. Do you need any pegs or baskets? (See options below)
    Which products and how many?
    Grid wall pegs
    Slat wall pegs

    (Slatwall/Gridwall comes with your choice of 20 Pegs or 10 pegs and 2 baskets)

  10. Do you have an existing install date? (Typical lead time is 3-4 weeks)
    What is your install date?
  11. Do have any additional information you would like to add?