Improved Functionality and Durability

Looking for Micro Market information? GTP is proud to introduce our Ultra-Lite easy pin assembled Micro Markets. GTP new pin assembled Micro Market requires no prep time at all. All panels come with hardware pre-assembled. Simply unpack panels and insert the pins. It’s never been so easy to set up a Micro Market. Our Micro Markets sets up in minutes.

When investing in Micro Market Fixtures, it’s important to ask yourself ‘how long will this last’? ‘How easy is it to modify’? ‘If something breaks can it be repaired’? You’ll be pleased to know that we have addressed and developed for everyone of those issues and more. These revolutionary solutions add increased functionality and durability to an already incredible product.

Watch GTP Micro Markets Features and Benefits

Refreshment Micro Market Design
Graphics That Pop - Micro Markets - Vending Services
Graphics That Pop - Micro Markets - Vending Services




  • All of our market panels arrive with all of the hardware in place.
  • Our markets have built-in, strong, threaded connections.
  • Panels are ultra-lite weighing approx 40lbs each.


  • Our shelving is 19 inches deep, made from durable black wire and comes with adjustable product dividers.
  • We stair-step our shelving so you get great light distribution over the products.


  • Micro Markets can be expanded or contracted to adjust with changing locations or new customer needs.
  • Modular engineering with universal components make market additions painless.
  • Every panel or part can be replaced.
  • Graphics can be easily changed in a matter of minutes.
  • The system is easy to break down or disassemble for maintenance.


  • The core of our panels are manufactured from Banova plywood which will never swell due to water exposure.
  • Each panel is lined in a rugged ABS plastic, further protecting the panel and reducing the exposure to moisture.
  • Panels can also be wrapped in stunning graphics and vinyl which adds a 3rd barrier of protection against wear and tear.
  • The GTP system will last for decades.