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Front: $39.95 Sides: $79.95

TUFFRONTS® RE-COVER Panels are rugged, pre-cut black, ABS plastic panels. This durable panel replaces the existing front and side panels on vending machines. RE-COVER Panels are affordable, yet durable products that quickly restore the appearance of older or damaged machines. Their appearance increase the value & profitability of your vending machines.

All panels are pre-cut to fit, and are easily modified. No tearing, liquid adhesives or air bubbles. Simply remove the old panels and replace them with our rugged, plastic panels, that will make your vending machine look brand new. Do not use vinyl contact paper to refurbish vending machines. It is an inferior product, difficult to work with, flimsy, easily torn and often shows air bubbles. You wouldn’t put a Band-Aid on your machine, would you? Studies have shown that customers are inherently more trusting of machines that appear well-maintained.

Micro Markets 10% OFF

  • Ultra-Lite Panels
  • Strong easy pin assembly
  • Fast Set-up time
  • Shelving 19″ deep
  • Adjustable product dividers
  • Grid wall or slat wall
  • Custom Shaped Header
  • No Tools required
  • All panels come off the pallet in order.
  • All hardware is completely installed

Looking for Micro Market information? GTP is proud to introduce our Ultra-Lite easy pin assembled Micro Markets. GTP new pin assembled Micro Market requires no prep time at all. All panels come with hardware pre-assembled. Simply unpack panels and insert the pins. It’s never been so easy to set up a Micro Market. Our Micro Markets sets up in minutes.

When investing in a Micro Market, it’s important to ask yourself ‘how long will this last’? ‘How easy is it to modify’? ‘If something breaks can it be repaired’? You’ll be pleased to know that we have addressed and developed for everyone of those issues and more. These revolutionary solutions add increased functionality and durability to an already incredible product.

Vending Graphics 10% OFF

A bright and bold, edge-to-edge, fully wrapped vending machine is never overlooked by anyone passing by. And it’s when you catch someone’s attention that you make a new sale. With affordable pricing, bold custom graphics and built with high quality materials, a newly wrapped machine – or bank of machines – is the way to inject new revenue into your machine.

Graphics That Pop makes it easy to cover your vending machines with 3M Controltac Vinyl. With it’s built-in rapid air release, installers can easily reposition this vinyl to align images and stretch it around compound curves to fit any type of vending or drink machine, even the Merchant 6. We reinforce this vinyl with a matte over-laminate film to protect the graphic print and give it superior durability.