At Graphics That Pop we pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality of products. This value stays unchanged when it comes to our brilliant custom backlits. Visually stunning, they are one of our top-selling items and, of course, they are custom designed to match your clients company. We then print the design and fabricate the backlit all at Graphics That Pop.

High-resolution custom graphics are printed on a clear vinyl (C) and mounted to the back side of crystal clear acrylic, either 0.25” PETG or 0.10” Poly-carb (B). This is then backed with a translucent white vinyl (D). In order to protect the surface or your backlit during shipping and transportation, we apply a low-tack contact paper (E) and also leave the original blue protective film from the acrylic (A). Both of these are to be removed prior to the installation of your new backlit.

We understand that backlit can be very similar but not exactly the same template. Therefore, we offer two options when it comes to ordering a backlit: You can decide to cut the portholes, other windows and buttons yourself or you can measure the original backlit and complete our custom order form so we can make the cuts for you. Of course, there is a small fee for this service but you will save yourself the time and the chance of ruining your backlit.

Alternatively, you can also wrap your original backlit with 3M Controltac or our Premium Vinyl, which is less expensive than ordering a backlit and you can turn off the lights in your drink machine. Using vinyl on all machines in the same bank will give you a more uniform look. Cutting the porthole is fairly easy, but if you have windows, you will have to cut those yourself. Although it is a great option, we still recommend our custom backlits for their appearance and superior durability.

Drink Labels

Drink Labels

GTP also manufactures drink labels for ANY machine. Specially designed and fabricated in-house, our drink labels are just one more thing we offer to meet your vending needs. Call us today to place an order.