25% off Micro Markets through 12/31/2018
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*Terms of 25% off sale. Sale is for Micro Market fixtures only. Micro Market fixtures must be three connecting sections or more. All purchases must be paid by December 31st 2018. Operators can purchase multiple Micro Market fixtures and take delivery throughout the year of 2019. Allow three to four weeks for manufacturing.

  • Ultra-lite panels
  • Strong easy pin assembly
  • Fast set-up time
  • Shelving 19″ deep
  • Adjustable product dividers
  • Grid wall or slat wall
  • Custom shaped header
  • No tools required
  • All panels come off the pallet in order
  • All hardware is completely installed
holt cat vend pro micro market design

Sale price $3063.75

Savings $1021.25

walmart micro market design

Sale price $5306.25

Savings $1768.75

Try the best Micro Market system in the industry. Does your Micro Markets look cheap? Are they shaky and falling apart? Are the products a mess? GTP has all the answers for you. GTP’s Micro Market system is easy to assemble and is solid. We customize our Micro Markets to look the way your customers want them. Customizing Micro Markets with the locations logos and break room décor is an easy way to capture new locations. GTP does all the design work for free. Do ten designs a week and I bet you will have more locations then you can handle. It’s the sizzle that makes locations change.

No company is better at sizzle than Graphics That Pop.

Micro Markets are a self-serve unattended merchandising system. Unattended Micro Markets products are most often in disarray. GTP has the solution for you with our new Automatic Delivery System that keeps your products organized and looking professional all the time. We have studied the problem and found the solutions. Our 19″ deep shelving with dividers that are adjustable in 1″ increments, in conjunction with our product pushers and adjustable hold down clips keeps your products organized.

Our competition uses shallow shelves; hence you must purchase twice the shelving to merchandise your products. Most of the products in your Micro Market’s looks like a war zone.

autozone micro market design

Sale price $6765.25

Savings $2255.00

harbison fisher vend pro micro market design

Sale price $6952.50

Savings $2317.50

Watch our  Micro Market Design videos and see how easy our Micro Market fixtures set-up. Everyone in the industry knows Micro Markets are manufactured out of particle board, weak cam connections and angle wood screws are labor intensive, poorly manufactured and a temporary fixture. They are overweight, hard to assemble, hard to move, and the particle board swells and falls apart due to water exposure. GTP’s Ultra-Light weight panels do not swell due to water exposure.

We offer free custom designs to show your customers. Just let our expert design team do the work for you. GTP’s customized Micro Markets in conjunction with our vertical lighting and automatic delivery system will give you the competitive advantage to knock out your competitors from their existing locations and retain your existing accounts. Take advantage of our long-term Micro Market solution.