Expandable and Contractable

Pac Sun Custom Vending Machine

Not only do our custom graphics match your client’s company, but our Custom Headers meets your needs, too. Expandable and contractible, the header system accommodates various quantities of machines. This allows you to remove a slow moving machine or add an additional machine to a profitable location without compromising or replacing this part of your Area Decor. The 2” brush below the header keeps the display straight while it spans across multiple machines with different heights.

Lightweight and Durable

Graphics That Pop Custom Headers are a combination of materials to bring you a lightweight, yet durable product. The fabrication of our Header System is done with care and precision to give you the kind of quality you can trust. Included with any Header order is our Alignment System, keeping your vending machines and decor safe by giving them needed stability. You can rest assured that our Header will draw the attention to their beautiful designs and leave the construction unnoticed.

Our Header System is affordable and easy for your technicians to install. Although the design and construction is customized, we are still able to provide this product at an unbeatable price. Understanding the vending industry, we have made the installation as easy as possible to save you time and keep your machines operational. We provide an installation guide with your equipment and can also watch our How-To video here to ensure that everything goes smoothly.