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Reach in Cooler product advancement inserts 25% off
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Graphics That Pop - Micro Market Fixtures
  • Ultra-Lite Panels
  • Strong easy pin assembly
  • Fast Set-up time
  • Shelving 19″ deep
  • Adjustable product dividers
  • Grid wall or slat wall
  • Custom Shaped Header
  • No Tools required
  • All panels come off the pallet in order.
  • All hardware is completely installed

Looking for Micro Market information? GTP is proud to introduce our Ultra-Lite easy pin assembled Micro Markets. GTP new pin assembled Micro Market requires no prep time at all. All panels come with hardware pre-assembled. Simply unpack panels and insert the pins. It’s never been so easy to set up a Micro Market. Our Micro Markets sets up in minutes.

When investing in a Micro Market, it’s important to ask yourself ‘how long will this last’? ‘How easy is it to modify’? ‘If something breaks can it be repaired’? You’ll be pleased to know that we have addressed and developed for everyone of those issues and more. These revolutionary solutions add increased functionality and durability to an already incredible product.

Everyone in the industry knows Micro Markets manufactured out of particle board, weak cam connections and angle wood screws are, labor intensive, poorly manufactured, and a temporary fixture. They are overweight, hard to assemble, hard to move, and the particle board swells and falls apart due to water exposure. GTP’s Ultra-Light weight panels do not swell due to water exposure.

We offer free custom designs to show your customers. Just let our expert design team do the work for you. GTP’s customized Micro Markets in conjunction with our vertical lighting and Automatic delivery system will give you the competitive advantage to knock out your competitors from their existing locations and retain your existing accounts. Take advantage of our long-term Micro Market solution.

Reach in Cooler product advancement inserts 25% off

Merchandising with reach in coolers often looks bad. Use our new shelving that modifies any reach in cooler. Our shelving has dividers and product pushers that are adjustable in 1-inch increments. Use a gravity feed or a product pusher. In some cases, I use both gravity feed and the product pushers. Simply zip tie our shelf to your existing shelf. You look professional when you retrofit your reach in coolers.

Reach in Cooler product advancement inserts