Graphics That Pop makes it easy to cover your vending machines with 3M Controltac Vinyl. With it’s built-in rapid air release, installers can easily reposition this vinyl to align images and stretch it around compound curves to fit any type of vending or drink machine, even the Merchant 6. We reinforce this vinyl with a matte over-laminate film to protect the graphic print and give it superior durability.

We’ve been working with this material for years and know the capabilities of this product. The quality of our graphics is important to us and we make sure all of the images will fit on the machines the way they are supposed to. Our graphic department makes sure that each 3M Controltac piece you receive has enough extra material to not only cover the intended panel, but also give you wiggle room to align the piece to another panel and give you enough grip to stretch it around compound corners.

3M Controltac Vinyl has air channels cut into the backside of the cast vinyl. These channels allow bubbles to be released during installation. What this feature means to installers is that you don’t have to be a pro to apply this vinyl, unlike most adhesive materials. Once this vinyl is located in the right place, apply pressure to activate the adhesive to make an instant bond that cures in 72 hours. Additionally 3M Controltac can be cut into exact shapes when you need precision pieces or decals.

Some vending machines require 3M Controltac because of their corners and curves. It is important for the material to be flexible, compliable and conformable in order to cover these compound curves in one piece. Heat can be applied to remove wrinkles, stretch around corners, and conform to different shapes without making cuts and compromising the material. The protective over-laminate film gives the graphic print additional protection and durability.